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somewhere i belong

Cullens in Love
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A community devoted to the cullen couples


This community is devoted to the Cullens and the ones they love, from the series 'Twilight' and those who portray them in the film. They include Edward and Bella (Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart), Emmett and Rosalie (Kellen Lutz/Nikki Reed) and Jasper and Alice (Jackson Rathbone/Ashley Greene). If you love the Cullens here is the perfect place to find them. Post graphics, pictures, videos, fanmixes, fanfiction ect.

cullensinlove is moderated by imaginaryrefuge and starshearts


1. Be mature. Don't bash any of the charactars or actors.
2. DoN't TaLk LiK3 DiS. Its irritating and your post will be deleted.
3. Talk of the movie and books are alowd but lets keep the cullens involved.
4. Hotlinking is stealing. Save stuff to your own server.
6. Keep your posts related to the couples and actors who portray them. Stay on topic.
7. If you take fanart, be polite and credit the user.
8. Dont fight with other members.


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